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Game schedule disappears.

I was able to sign on to both teams without any problems. Games and practices both loaded on the app however subsequent times only one of the teams games appeared! No games were shown for 1 team. Reinstalled the app three times but nothing has changed.

Scheduling input issues

Tried several times to input our game schedule. It allowed me to input our first game and then it kept resulting in "network error" message for multiple subsequent attempts when I tried to input the rest of the schedule. 😡

Very good team management all

So far SI Play has been an excellent tool for our boys' soccer teams. Schedules, scores, rosters and messaging are all great. It makes it easy for the coaches and managers to keep all the parents informed. The best part may be schedule the subscription feature. New feature suggestions: - More options per user to select what emails and notifications you would like (email vs text vs app badging, games vs practices etc) - Ability to filter out practices on the Schedule page - Ability for coaches/managers to enter the players' numbers on the roster. It would make it much easier for everyone to learn who is who on the field.

Coach Delano

Great way for everyone Team & Parents to stay on the same page.

Terrible, buggy, poorly planned

Very simple the League Athletics app worked and SI Play does not. My "feed" is filled with items from last season or last year. No way to clear them without risking the feed as the messages says you will no longer get feed for that and no reversing. Feed items are NOT in order, at least not in chronological order. I DO NOT want to pester other team members about joining this crappy app - so STOP asking me every time I open the app. 10/7/17: my feed is loaded with items from April & may but nothing from this season. Also, I do not have a way to clear the items any more. 10/10/207: keeps getting WORSE. Now I enter my responses to events “attending” or not, are NOT recorded. Next day when I look at app several response are NOT there. But, it gets better, some are there. So it is not even consistently bad. Beginning to feel that Sports Illustrated is not involved and someone stole the name.

Not a fan

Not fan, can't load more than one team?

Team coach abilities lacking

App is nice because it is easy to see schedule. But I'm the coach, and there's no way through the app for me to send group email or text reminders. I have to go to computer and login separately. Huge functionality would be added to let me send updates when I'm not at a desk.

Frustrating but good overall

This app does a lot of things well, however there is a few things that frustrate me. The feed, doesn't allow you to clear old status from an old team without going one at a time. Even when you turn off that team. All status from an old team should disappear in my feed or give me the option t make it disappear. When you go to setting and then 'my feed' there is nothing there. It doesn't prompt you when a new team is available. On the available status, when reviewing who is there and who isn't, it shows both teams. I only need my team. The level of customer engagement is very high and I'm looking forward to seeing them address these issue!

Use anything else other than SI play

It never works well. I am always frustrated. I can't even access my sons team schedule. I accepted the invite no luck. I downloaded the app 2x no luck. No help in sight.

Horrible interface.

Not user friendly. Impossible to manage a team. Can’t add/invite members. Just a garbage app. Had my team stop using because it only created confusion.

Ricky Lemay

I like the app

Horrible at selecting photos

This app is good for messaging. However, when it comes to posting photos, there are some issues that would indicate to me a lack of understanding how the iOS photo selection framework works. It only allows you to view your entire library. You can’t select from an album. That would be fine if it didn’t organize the photos in some arbitrary manner. Sometimes, it shows your most recent. Other times it shows photos from years ago in your library. And then you must scroll through your entire library to find what you want. It also doesn’t refresh after your photos have been updated. It’s caching photos when it shouldn’t. Therefore you must close and reopen the app until the photos you need are available. That particular issue appears to be recent. I’ve posted in previous seasons. The biggest issue is the inability to select photos from an album in your library. For example, your Favorites album.

Great One Source

The app is wonderful! Keeps everyone informed on game schedules and practices.

Why is this so hard?

Horrible user interface, it's so frustrating.

Too hard to use!

I joined with an old team a year ago and now I can't get signed up with my new team.

Can’t register

Tried to sign up a new team via their web site. Stuck on page for “Essentials”. Filled out everything and the continue “Next” button disabled. Tried this on a few different web browsers so that’s not the issue. No error messages. I work in tech and I still can’t figure out how to get team registered...


The team schedule loaded once and has disappeared ever since then. I have logged out and back in. Deleted the app and uploaded it again. Nothing works!

Very hard to synchronize multiple kids. .

Limited functionality. Love the concept not the execution


Who updates the standings on this app?

Needs work

Parents don't have time to post pictures multiple times with no result. The App is buggy, clunky, and doesn't do what it is supposed to do. You asked for specifics- When I go to post pictures, after selecting the pictures and selecting "Post", it appears to post, but then nothing... it posts nothing even after trying multiple times. Additionally, I have two kids on two different teams, and navigating between the two teams is not intuitive at all. Please test this stuff on the general public before putting it out there. Thanks!

Worst app experience ever

I'm shocked people are rating this app higher than one or two stars. It is constantly wrong and nonstop nags you when you open it. My home page shows games and practices that are 6+ months old. There is no easy way to pull them off in bulk (or if there is it isn't intuitive to find.) One of my kids team doesn't even use this anymore and it's impossible to clear it. It's like this app was designed by a high schooler for a computer science class. One of the worst UX ever.

Not downloading

This is what my girls' volleyball team uses. Tried to download app many times. Not working. Stuck at download mode.

Horrible App!

It can't find the teams I'm invited to. Won't let me sign in thru magic connection, just spins forever. Worst app ever...

Worst sports website ever

Despite having an account and login that works, SI Play can't seem to connect me to my son's team. There is no way to search for his team and even when I launch team website and then try to connect to SI Play I get message that my login isn't associated with any team. Give me Shutterfly or Team Snap any day.

Grand father

Can't add to calendar what good is it

I hate this app

I was used to Teamwall. For some reason in fact the info for my soccer league appears on both. However my songs team from last year is still on the SI Play app. There is no simple way to delete whereas Teamwall has removed him. In addition I was invited to add his hockey team to the SI app and there is no way to do it. There is no notification to accept or a way to look up the team name. Very frustrating.


I've keep receiving multiple invites to join my team. I enter in my information and it finds my player and team. But, the app still says we haven't joined. I can see the schedule and can send messages, but it keeps asking people to send me invites to join. For some reason, it won't register my player as joined, so I keep reviewing invites from team mates. It just doesn't work!

Very useful app!

How does the app handle time zones? The games were entered by the head coach in central time but on my view of the app they show in eastern time. It would be really helpful if it told you it was displaying the time based off your phone settings or if it would show the time zone.


Can't find anything.

Great app for teams!

Love the subscribe to calendar option so I don't have to enter the season in manually! Great way to see the season's stats too!

This app is garbage

Your "magic link" doesn't work properly and when I choose "I'd rather type my password" it is trying to force me to change my password.


This app is it user friendly. Very hard to navigate through.

Little value even at free

For such a simple idea, there are so many others that do it much better.

Syncing schedules

I have multiple teams and the app isn't syncing the schedules to my calendar. Tried multiple times to unsubscribe and subscribe and also just deleting the app and downloading all over. This is becoming a pain.

Adding fields

Does not recognize all of the parks in a community.

Terrible- not user friendly!

I cannot find anything in this app! It's a great idea for teams, but not user friendly at all- so frustrating!


Great app!!

Better than nothing

Like having all the team information in one place, but if you have more than child or team, the app gets a little confusing and difficult to navigate.

Not user friendly

This app is so frustrating. When trying to coordinate multiple teams/players from season to season I find it incredibly difficult. It has old schedules, won't let me remove my kids from their old teams, and generally is not user friendly. It would be much simpler if I were able to add/remove my kids from their old teams to their new teams

Hatfield red

I can't sync it to my email

Is there a 0 star option

The. Worst. App. Ever. Absolutely the most user unfriendly app that doesn't work. Can't add new teams, forget it if your kid plays 2 sports or has a space in his name.. horrible

Games at a glance!

So easy to use, games populate themselves - love it!


I am a coach and I don't know how to edit schedule


No way to put the players numbers in the ap. Why not?

The app and the website don't sync

If you send a group message from the website, the group will receive the message as an email, but the only way your response is viewable to anyone, including the original sender, is to log onto the website and reply that way-and that response is only viewable on the website and not on any emails. It doesn't show up on the app either. It's an awful, awful, horrible, worthless system.

Difficult to use

This app is buggy and difficult to use. It is poorly laid out, missing a lot of basic features, and does not let you edit information on your account.

Slow slow slow!

I cannot believe how long it takes to get a message out. Two different times it has been over 2 hours for the delivery of a message. This is a huge problem when having to communicate with the team quickly. Team Snap was worlds better. Get it together SI.

Photo doesn't sync website and App

This new app doesn't sync pictures with siPlay website on your computer. You can only edit player's profile pictures from computer (web based). If you upload the pictures to your App, you won't be able to see those in computer. Maybe it needs update.

Great !!

User friendly !! Well done

I like league athletics better

This new app is too hard to navigate. Takes way too long to figure out how to work this app. Over the summer I just went back to our leagues old app of League athletics. It was much easier than trying to figure this app out. Took me forever to add my other child's team. I had to delete my first child's team(took me forever to figure out how to do that also), then add my optimist club back on the app and both teams appeared. It also is still showing in the app that I haven't "joined" the app. My child's name is listed as "missing out". Not sure what it takes to "join" but I'm still getting emails asking me to join. What I'm not sure how to do is how to delete the old seasons they have played in under "my teams ".

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