Sports Illustrated Play App Recensioni

Never works

I have tried this app for a couple seasons and it never even opens. I would love to see what teams my kids are on and when they have games, but I can’t even get past the stupid “ finding teams, loading players...”. So much time has been wasted trying to make this work. I hate it and hope our league uses something easier than this giant waste of time.

Hate it...

Way too difficult... What happened to old email...

Good but calendar bugs

Hi there Seems to be a part where you update a event in SI Play and it is not reflected in iOS calendar. Also I am adding events and it’s not reflecting in my Google Calendar or iOS calendar Overall I like the app and interface. But deleting hanging subscribers that were invited and not accepted is a bug along with the calendar not updating in iOS or google. Also text enabling does not have a mobile Ui just the desktop does. I was hoping automatic text wouldn’t go out as well.

Good app but issues w iOS Calender

We’ve had an issue wit the iOS calendar integration. An initial calendar event shows up fine on the subscribed iOS calendar. However, if the time of a game is changed by the coach on the app, the update is not sent to the iOS calendar. Is there a work around for this?

Needs a lot of work

The app has a lot of functionality but is such a pain to figure it out. I e had to send multiple emails to my league to see how to use the app for things like seeing other teams results, scoring games that were moved up in the schedule, merging multiple accounts that for some reason keep getting added every time I have another team or sport, not seeing all my teams in one spot. There is a lot of work to do to clean this up. TeamSnap is so much better! Someone should download that app and see what a difference it makes to have a user friendly app!

Hard to Use - Not Worth The Trouble

This app is a great idea but the functionality makes it kind of a pain to use when trying to track and manage a team. Most of the features are hard to figure out which makes this app a pain when you’re at the field also managing a team in real life. The screen says “email your team and your messages will be saved here” but there’s no way to send a message. Or if there is, it’s not very apparent how to use it. You have to mark attendance before the end of the game/practice or you can’t edit. This is a pain because I’m really busy managing the team and I don’t know who’s going to show up until they show up. And then we’re busy - so when do I have time to actually log attendance? This feature is a little unrealistic. We can’t log progress of our programs on the app, we have to use a desktop - which many volunteers in our league don’t use, making this app pointless for us in a lot of ways. I am a volunteer with the Junior Giants - our league has quite a lot of feedback regarding the functionality of this app - would appreciate someone from the UX team contacting me so we can give some usability feedback. The league recommends this app, it’s advertised on all Junior Giants collateral, but it’s not a realistically helpful tool... yet! I’d love to help you get there with some human factor feedback. Thanks!

No support

I have tried more than 20 times to reset my password and I cannot get this app to work. I have attempted to contact support probably about 15 times and no one ever texts me back. This app is so frustrating I can’t stand it. I have been invited by a teammate to join the team and it says that my team is not there. Something is terribly wrong with this app.

Needs to be better

Hey SI. App is lacking functionality. This app is horrendous. It’s more about advertising than it is about functionality. Still can’t figure out how to get the team my son is on.


Very helpful

Love the app

This app is so awesome but when the team finish it don’t work anymore

Jr Giants is awesome

This app has all the info I need plus great features to interact as a team. My son loves that his photos are up for everyone to see. And I don’t have to bug the coach with all my questions because it’s all there.



App confusion

I downloaded the app.. SI play... In my emails from the teams coaches I open that app which it says little league .. Then it goes to the S I play app .. and that's what I downloaded supposedly..the team is on both sites. But totally different.. more pictures.. wrong direction s to the game .. options to your team are different.. But the messages are on both apps.. why this happened I have no clue..


Great way to send out info between players!




Wish we could view photo albums from the app and not have to use the computer. I uploaded several photos from a game off my camera and they are no where to be seen on the app. Most of us are on the go a lot and having to sit down and look at a pc is not convenient. This has been an issue for a while. Please correct it.

Messaging is great, everything else not so much

I’ve been using this app for many seasons and it still does not work great. 1. Changing your child’s picture doesn’t work great. I’ve updated it but it doesn’t change. Had the pic change and then it reverts back when I open the app 2. The attendance feature doesn’t seem to work. Click on the pics from the schedule tab and the checks show up. Click the “i” next to the event and there are no checks for attendance. Zero confidence this is working for the team. 3. Logged in as me, the app told me that I wasn’t using the app and wanted to send me an invitation 4. Frustrating to have to logout and back in to update new teams that have been added. Messaging/easyalert works well.

Please stay out of my personal information

I perform Mobil banking on my phone, I was using my ADP payroll app and tried to forward a copy of my pay stub to my bank. My child’s coaches si-play email automatically attached itself to the item and sent him a copy. Deleting his email and uninstalling the si play app but it still comes up when I go to forward anything from my payroll app.

Join app alerts, texts, & emails

Love the app, but I have one suggestion as a coach. I wish there was a way to send a short message with limited content as an app alert, text, and email from my phone. We had a line of thunderstorms roll though today and it would be great to send alerts via all 3 mediums to notify my team. Everyone accesses the app differently and I want to make sure everyone on our team receives our notification. Ease of access from a mobile device would be much appreciated!

Can’t email or text your team from the app??

I’ve been using this app all year and can’t for the life of me figure out how to text or email my team using it. Am I missing something?

No customer service

I have spent over an hour trying to update my account information. Started a chat session only to have him eventually tell me he doesn’t support this app? I then received a message saying there was no account with this email, then another message saying this email was already in use. There is absolutely no way to get help from anyone. What a headache.

Could not be worse

Please, use a stick and some sand rather than this will save you time and give you a better chance of actually providing some beneficial outcome

No longer works!!!

Since last update, app opens briefly then a message appears stating that it’s loading...and it continues to try to load indefinitely. And when it was working, it took forever to upload photos and only takes 50 photos at a time...and there was no way to organize photos into an album by event. Disappointing!

Lousy app

Can’t change info, keeps telling me that I am not using the app and then wants me to invite myself to use it. No support.

Addresses to field

It would be helpful if they gave the exact address to find out where the field is located at.


Probably the worst designed app I have ever seen. Can’t even get the calendar to feed over. Finally deleted the app.

Just the best

If you don’t like it I just not🤔 I think about it

Doesn't work

My ex keeps sending me links so I can keep up with my sons baseball schedule. After I click the link it goes to the app and asks to "make" a group - even though she already made it. So I go back and click the link again- nope - it's expired! No way to search groups and find it? Nope. what frustrating experience and tech support has weekends off. Must be nice.

Poor functionality vs other team apps

While customer service is responsive (by email as there is no way to call them) the functionality pales in comparison to other comparable apps and there seems to be no effort to improve the design.


This app is terrible. It is not userfriendly at all. Teamsnap and the Dick’s sporting goods apps are much more useful to manage teams. I would not recommend wasting time with this.

Worst service

This app is the worst. Our coach is adding us and every time I log in it is saying I am not attached to a team?? Forget about customer service. They say someone will contact you in a has been 3 days and no one has reached out! Worst app ever.


Recent development is the developer allowing clickbait app downloads in the calendar that actually mask themselves as app calendar add-ons. Very very dirty. This is a way for these folks to tap into massive metadata with a modestly useful app. Unfortunate.

No support

Cannot link my email with either team my children are on. I get all the email updates but cannot login and see anything. Have written three help requests with no answer!

Good Coach

Coach Kachelman really keeps us informed and really appreciate him.

Seems buggy and/or lacking/incomplete.

It’s as if this app was quickly thrown together and rushed out the door to meet a deadline or something. Doesn’t seem too polished for the time it’s been available. They say to upload photos through “my team/photos” but the only thing that happens is the camera pops up. I can’t upload an existing photo. I can only select photos when posting a message and attaching. All this and they supposedly updated the app 4 days ago with bug fixes. I used a real camera so to make it easier I spent time uploading a bunch of photos on the desktop website and none of it carries over to the app. It’s cumbersome, aggravating and not very user friendly. I also notice that the app accessed my camera regardless of my access settings not giving the app permission to access the camera!


This app is horrible and the costumer service is just as bad. I cannot get to my team even though coaches and other parents have tried to invite me. The email is the same, and everything. Contacted customer 3 different times and never got a response. TeamSnap is the best!!

Does not sync with website

My app is always missing players, does not sync photos correctly. My players photos show up on my team parent picture. Nothing but problems.

Forced to use this app for 3 years and it has never worked

I hate this app and I hate that our league makes us use it. It’s a great concept with poor execution. I miss messages and announcements even with notifications active and uploading pics is a joke. I upload pictures to the website on my computer from my SD card and they don’t show up on the app. So I have to send pictures to my phone to upload through the app. I have never liked this app I would think by now the developers would have fixed issues with it after three years of having a bad experience.

Great app...period

That is it...Great App

Current teams won’t refresh

Multiple people on my team have had to delete the app and re-download to get a new team the show up. The team was properly set up by our administrator.


Pi jiffy jittery

Can’t even use the app

My team can’t be found on the app. Contacted their chat on the app twice with no reply. Currently contacting their email I found on other poor reviews with the same issue. Disappointing.

No active team??

I am able to access my team from the web site but every time I try to log onto the app, it says I have no active teams for this account. I receive emails from the league and the head coach with SIPlay headings but somehow the app can not associate my sons team with my account. And the help section is no help at all. Very frustrated!!

App Features Don’t work

Just updated app and it completely changed all the information. I now can’t edit my team. Can access on Mac computer but the app should be able to do the same thing. Can’t create an event in the app. Can’t edit my team info in the app. All blue circles representing my 3 teams, no idea which is which without looking at roster. The app is good idea but they are failing right now.

Not working again

Update 4/9/18 I am having problems again with the app. I reached out to customer service and keep getting redirects. Please help!! I have tried to use this app on both teams my daughter plays on. Because they are different parishes, I get a weird screen that says her team has no message nor practice even though other parents said it works for them.

Very Efficient!

I love this app! Not only can I keep track of my softball games, I can easily contact another player. At first I was doubtful that it would actually work, but now using it makes life much easier.

App worked great UNTIL yesterday’s update

Since the update yesterday, the app no longer works. It gets stuck on a page with a graphic and babbles about a bunch of stuff including “slicing oranges”. Note to developer - please fix this app! The beginning of the season isn’t the best time to break your app.

Woo Hoo!

Really helps me with my team to know my teammates names, our games and the locations. Overall it is just a really organized app. Thanks guys!

I’m a fan

I would give this app a million stars

App is not working

Downloaded the SI app at the recommendation of my daughters softball coach. The mobile app has not worked at all. Just get a message stating we have no active teams. When I log in on a computer, i am able to access team info but not the app. I have sent three messages to “help” and have never heard back from them. Only giving it a star bc I have to. If I could I wouldn’t even give the one star.

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