Sports Illustrated Play App Recensioni

Poor functionality vs other team apps

While customer service is responsive (by email as there is no way to call them) the functionality pales in comparison to other comparable apps and there seems to be no effort to improve the design.


This app is terrible. It is not userfriendly at all. Teamsnap and the Dick’s sporting goods apps are much more useful to manage teams. I would not recommend wasting time with this.

Worst service

This app is the worst. Our coach is adding us and every time I log in it is saying I am not attached to a team?? Forget about customer service. They say someone will contact you in a has been 3 days and no one has reached out! Worst app ever.


Recent development is the developer allowing clickbait app downloads in the calendar that actually mask themselves as app calendar add-ons. Very very dirty. This is a way for these folks to tap into massive metadata with a modestly useful app. Unfortunate.

No support

Cannot link my email with either team my children are on. I get all the email updates but cannot login and see anything. Have written three help requests with no answer!

Good Coach

Coach Kachelman really keeps us informed and really appreciate him.

Seems buggy and/or lacking/incomplete.

It’s as if this app was quickly thrown together and rushed out the door to meet a deadline or something. Doesn’t seem too polished for the time it’s been available. They say to upload photos through “my team/photos” but the only thing that happens is the camera pops up. I can’t upload an existing photo. I can only select photos when posting a message and attaching. All this and they supposedly updated the app 4 days ago with bug fixes. I used a real camera so to make it easier I spent time uploading a bunch of photos on the desktop website and none of it carries over to the app. It’s cumbersome, aggravating and not very user friendly. I also notice that the app accessed my camera regardless of my access settings not giving the app permission to access the camera!


This app is horrible and the costumer service is just as bad. I cannot get to my team even though coaches and other parents have tried to invite me. The email is the same, and everything. Contacted customer 3 different times and never got a response. TeamSnap is the best!!

Does not sync with website

My app is always missing players, does not sync photos correctly. My players photos show up on my team parent picture. Nothing but problems.

Forced to use this app for 3 years and it has never worked

I hate this app and I hate that our league makes us use it. It’s a great concept with poor execution. I miss messages and announcements even with notifications active and uploading pics is a joke. I upload pictures to the website on my computer from my SD card and they don’t show up on the app. So I have to send pictures to my phone to upload through the app. I have never liked this app I would think by now the developers would have fixed issues with it after three years of having a bad experience.

Great app...period

That is it...Great App

Current teams won’t refresh

Multiple people on my team have had to delete the app and re-download to get a new team the show up. The team was properly set up by our administrator.


Pi jiffy jittery

Can’t even use the app

My team can’t be found on the app. Contacted their chat on the app twice with no reply. Currently contacting their email I found on other poor reviews with the same issue. Disappointing.

No active team??

I am able to access my team from the web site but every time I try to log onto the app, it says I have no active teams for this account. I receive emails from the league and the head coach with SIPlay headings but somehow the app can not associate my sons team with my account. And the help section is no help at all. Very frustrated!!

App Features Don’t work

Just updated app and it completely changed all the information. I now can’t edit my team. Can access on Mac computer but the app should be able to do the same thing. Can’t create an event in the app. Can’t edit my team info in the app. All blue circles representing my 3 teams, no idea which is which without looking at roster. The app is good idea but they are failing right now.

Not working again

Update 4/9/18 I am having problems again with the app. I reached out to customer service and keep getting redirects. Please help!! I have tried to use this app on both teams my daughter plays on. Because they are different parishes, I get a weird screen that says her team has no message nor practice even though other parents said it works for them.

Very Efficient!

I love this app! Not only can I keep track of my softball games, I can easily contact another player. At first I was doubtful that it would actually work, but now using it makes life much easier.

App worked great UNTIL yesterday’s update

Since the update yesterday, the app no longer works. It gets stuck on a page with a graphic and babbles about a bunch of stuff including “slicing oranges”. Note to developer - please fix this app! The beginning of the season isn’t the best time to break your app.

Woo Hoo!

Really helps me with my team to know my teammates names, our games and the locations. Overall it is just a really organized app. Thanks guys!

I’m a fan

I would give this app a million stars

App is not working

Downloaded the SI app at the recommendation of my daughters softball coach. The mobile app has not worked at all. Just get a message stating we have no active teams. When I log in on a computer, i am able to access team info but not the app. I have sent three messages to “help” and have never heard back from them. Only giving it a star bc I have to. If I could I wouldn’t even give the one star.

Not easy

Difficult to use , locks up

Google Calendar

It would be much better if it would link up to google calendar as well.

Great App!

I have 3 kids, all involved in different programs. This is by far the best, most organized league that my family has been a part of. Excellent way for communication for the parents, coaches, teams and league!


Unwieldy, cumbersome, confusing, annoying app.


Great App...instant updates for practice, games and win/loss position/standings. Would be nice to view other team's rosters, batter's on base percentage, their schedule, and their player's stats per innings. Overall 5 Stars. 👍👍👍

2 Stars is high

Very frustrating early on... no doubt about it. Service is poor getting responses as well. If my kids league didn't already have this in place, I would be using GC instead. Much more user friendly, better service levels, etc.

Always a struggle

Once again, the only thing I can see are the messages from my team. Nothing else! So over this app!


Really hard to log in really terrible system

Adding a family member

I have been trying to add a family member and it sends the invitation. But then when they log in, it’s says you have no teams on your account. Do you want to create a new team? We have tried at least 4 times. Very frustrating!

Absolutely terrible

Once again they have completely hobbled the app. Does not match the website content.. photo albums uploaded to the si play website dont propagate to the ios app Worse.. you can no longer upload photos on the app from the photo stream.. they must be physically on the device so you have to take your originals.. import them into photos on a mac.. wait til they all upload to the cloud.. then physically download them into your ios device (if you have enough room) then post.. FIX. IT AGAIN. Also the blogging feature of the app is no missing on the website.. just team chat which is childlike and useless as you cant post pictures in the ‘chat’ How hard is it to have the app and the website mirror features and functions and have content on one propagate to the other


I can access my account through the website but cannot get the app to work. Accessing my team as a coach works perfectly on the web but when I access the app it tells me that I do not have an account team. Very frustrating. Also frustrating is the fact that the only way to get support is to sit on a chat app. No contact info, emails especially provided on the app or website. Very disappointing experience

No access to my team and no response from support

I’ve been trying for weeks to get this app to work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times. I’ve contacted support via the “Get Help” function twice so far, and have heard NOTHING back. I can access everything no problem on the website, but in the app it tells me I have no active teams associated with my account. I would have given zero stars if it would’ve let me.


Give me team snap any day. So much easier to use. Hate it.

I’ve used better apps

This app is horrible. It doesn’t let you search for a team if you already have an account. It doesn’t show the full schedule. I had to log in on a computer to see the full schedule. It’s ok for messaging but if that is all it is good for they have far better apps for that.

The photo posting feature needs help!

The app is ok to see your schedule and text teammates. It is buggy in terms of posting pictures and defaulting to my current season version past season teams.

Great app

Works as expected. Doing a great job helping my team feel connected

iPhone X

Great app, so good for team sports. The standings are not loading properly for iPhone X. Can’t see all the fields, that’s the reason for my review.

How do I?

How do I connect with my team I am a player!

App For Team (S.I.)

This APP is fantastic, it keeps the team organized

Doesn’t work!

I have spent the better part of 90 minutes trying to get rid of my team last year and replace it with this years team - I can’t seem to figure out how ! Already input this years team 3 times to avail - I give up... Help is worthless - Pretty cool when it works.

Confirming magic link <spins>

Can’t sign in. Magic link is not very magic. “Confirming magic link” shows the spinner for eternity, doesn’t time out. App provides no other helpful login/registration options.

App doesn’t work

We have tried opening this app but it does not open. Can some please help

Dead in the water

I created an account using an email and password. When I log into the app, The app states that my email is not associated with any team. No place to request help. Dead in the water. This app is a joke.


Can’t copy from messages in the app, really?!

Awesome App

This app is amazing as a coach and a parent! Communication about scheduling for practices is easy, game schedules come from the league automatically in the app, and I can subscribe to the team calendar as well. Roster pictures help the parents learn the team players, and the picture sharing is a lot of fun for the team. This is our second season using the app and it’s wonderful!!

Love this app bruhhhh!

Great for sports players can see what time are my games/practices and what my team is up to#Ballislife


The app doesn’t work and doesn’t recognize that I already have a team. App states I have no teams, despite being assigned as the team manager by our league. Customer service is horrible too and never responds!

Cannot log into the app

When I log into the app, it tells me that I have no active teams. I can see everything from the website. Same email and password. I don’t understand???

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