Sports Illustrated Play App Recensioni

Not good



Started out strong then fizzled with updating scores.

Constantly logging me out

This is the second year I am trying to use this app as a coach for my in tow and travel basketball teams and I am continually logged out of the app. I have the most updated version please help.

Worst sports app ever.

If I’m not having a problem with this app it’s a miracle. I constantly receive alerts from other teams not in our organization. I cannot delete events and this error message I think is built in whenever I schedule anything. SI should fire whoever put this one together and start over. Thank goodness I can still use the league athletics app. I have to log out and log back in to see teams. Ugh! I also discovered that sending “easy alerts” is a bigger oxymoron than jumbo shrimp.

Losing my feed.

For some reason I keep losing my feed. I have to delete app and reinstall to get it back. Any suggestions?


This is a great app that lets see your team stats and scores and schedule

Just plain awful

If I could give less then 1 Star, I would.

Could be better

Problems encountered since the start of the season: League teams didn’t appear until deleting the app and reinstalling. People actually using the app sometimes don’t show as using the app. As a coach, can’t add non-league events. Has not been a smooth experience with this app.

Gets the job done (kinda)

Very buggy, messaging works intermittently, profile and other team settings are all intermittent. Not really user friendly for average youth sports parents. Coming from SI one would expect a more seamless flow and updates to address known issues.

All flash and no substance

Bring back the League Athletics app- this one is terrible. I cannot find anything through all the extra crap I don’t need. My feed keeps showing stuff from 2 seasons ago even though I unfollowed those teams. There is no master schedule access for the whole league. I can’t look at other teams that my kids are not on to scout. This app is missing so much of what the old League Athletics app had. Very frustrating!


Impossible to add team. Only option is to create a Team. The team exists, does not need to b created Why can’t I add it? Completely counter-intuitive


Not easy for me to use this as passwords from a year ago are not remembered process to change is lengthy and just 1 error has you going in circles

Low tech

This app is horrible! I can’t believe or athletic association has chosen SIPlay as our mandated registration format. We get nothing but complaints from parents.

Not User Friendly

I should be able to edit teams & family members from season to season.

Issue with video on iPhone XS

Top bars don’t scroll properly

An annoyed team mom

I have been trying to get this app to work but it won’t even let me pass the sign in page. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but nothing happens. I used the desktop version on my mobile , but now the team chat has stopped working... frustrated isn’t the word.


Seems overly complicated Can’t seem upload pictures for rosters and cards. wading family is also difficult

Navigation is horrible

Trying to do simple functions in this app is tedious. There are better options

No use without WiFi

Doesn’t work without WiFi connection

Not the best, not the worst

Very confusing.. I like the general idea but it's overall confusing

This app is terrible

This app is terrible. TeamSnap much better. Can’t print game passes from app.

Terrible App

I add family members and when they post in messages it says my name. Different logins shoukd have different names. Its a joke of an app.

Customer Support is Non Existent

I used the app successfully during the first season. During the current Fall season, there was an issue with the team / roster and after repeatedly reaching out to support via email and through the app, I have yet to hear any response and I’ve sent over 4 requests. The initial email to support was sent weeks ago. I unfortunately can no longer use the app because there isn’t a way to communicate with my entire team.

Awesome app

I play youth football for the Wallingford Vikings in CT and I use this all the time for game times practice cancellations and other stuff and it really helps me

Great App

Great way to keep in contact with your team. Everything from change in practice time to a child needing a ride to a game. Bravo! Great App.

Help center is bad

In theory, the app is great, but there are too many bugs. There are problems all the time with my account going “dead” and you can’t do anything on the app. The help center doesn’t respond after multiple requests, it has been months.

Can’t stop the notifications.

I can’t delete my team. Our team is no longer using the app, yet I can’t delete the team. I’m still getting notifications that are useless. I tried to ‘Edit Team’, it’s required to stay ‘following one team’. Once your in, there’s no getting out.

Great way to stay on top of your kids sports.

This app has kept our family In order through multiple sports seasons. Only problem is I can’t figure out where to see snacks schedule

Worst sports team app

Worst sports team app to use. Not user friendly. Team Snap App blows this away and I would recommend using that over this any day.

Failed App

This does not work well at all. There are plenty of other options- just don’t pick this one as you will regret your decision. And good luck contacting support for those of you who made the mistake to use SI. They don’t exist.

Deleting a family member

I do not like how when you delete a family member, they are still able to see/comment on everything. How do I fix this?

0 customers support

Horrible! Emailed, called for over 2 years never got a reply. WHY CAN SOMEONE NOT HELP FIX THIS SIMPLE MISTAKE. Do not understand why my name can not be changed from my daughters that is on there currently. Having 3 children playing sports and use the app it DOESNT ALLOW!

Maps to fields don’t work

Maps to fields take to a different state

Lack of compatibility

If you upload photos on a PC with the main site, you will not be able to view the photos on the mobile app


App would be fine if it worked...”network error” more often than not and I know others on the team have issues as well. We missed a practice because couldn’t get on to check messages/calendar.

Doesn’t auto sync

App will not automatically show daughter’s new teams unless I run a fresh install of the app.

Great idea if it worked

The app does not work

Difficult to local your team

Yep is but not very intuitive it is difficult to locate your team it takes a lot of time and only allows you to find a team after several hours

Less than stellar

The App is confusing, has a ton of useless advertisements and when messages are sent to you if you close them prior to reading them they are nowhere to be found. You have to go back in through the email link. When you need to reset your password because you forgot it over a year, you can get a link sent to your email, but it just logs you in. This means that every single time you have to get a link and access through email instead of just getting to reset your password. When I run a team as team mom I would NEVER use this app. Shutterfly Share or Team Snap is a million times better. I always vote no on this if given an option for the youth leagues we are involved with.

Why commercial ads?

The app is really good and very helpful. The only reason for the 4 stars (instead of 5) is the commercial ads popping up in the schedule

A few kinks but overall a great app

A few issues with accounts showing players not signed up when they are on parents emails but overall a good app.

Not User Friendly

This app was written by NASA scientists!

Hard to use

My app it’s giving me a hard time I can’t find my team I got invited twice from 2 different teams and its frustrating because I can’t find them it doesn’t give me an option to look for my team it just gives me an option to create a team .... It needs to be fix I wanna keep up with my team and be able to know my schedule

Need to fix glitches

It continually asks for confirmation to the same events and never records the response. This is extremely frustrating as both a parent and a coach when trying to track attendance.

Not working properly

A family member not getting the whole message???

Time zone

Great so far but how do we schedule in our time zone? Everything comes up as eastern time. How do we switch to pacific, we’re in California. Or is it not possible?


It’s kind of cool. But I have two kids in the same league (diff teams) and for some reason, when I do the “team chat” from my phone (regardless of which child’s team I’m chatting to), it shows the message coming from one of my two children (and always the same child) rather than me. Very weird. No way to adjust it, either.

Good app/

This app gets the job done. Sometimes leaves old or extraneous information, but maybe that’s the league leaving clutter. Glad there’s an app with instant info re: practices, games and stats.

Not as helpful as I’d hoped.

I am seeing notifications of game and practice changes for other teams going back two years in my feed. I tried hiding them one-by-one, but it takes forever and doesn’t seem to work. There should be a way to keep the feed for current year only, and limit to my son’s team. I do like the simplicity of subscribing to the team’s calendar!

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